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May 7, 2021

In this episode of From The Bottom To The Top, we'll talk about Manufacturing and Media Coaching. Joining us are Allison Giddens, President of Win-Tech, Inc.,  and Dhomonique Murphy, President and Co-Founder of Media Mastery Now

Allison Krache Giddens worked for small business manufacturer Win-Tech, an aerospace precision machine shop, for 14 years, before buying the company in 2020. She and her business partner, John Hudson now serve as Co-Presidents, leading the 32-year-old company through the pandemic and into CMMC.

Dhomonique Murphy is a 3x Emmy Award Winning Television Journalist and the reigning Mrs. Virginia American. Dhomonique has appeared on stages across the nation and has been featured on The Steve Harvey Show, FOX, ABC, NBC, HSN, CBS and countless radio, print, and local television platforms.  


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HOST: Bonnie Mauldin