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May 7, 2021

In this episode of From The Bottom To The Top, we'll talk about Team Building and Business Growth. Joining us is Diane Bogino, Founder and President of Performance Strategies, Inc. Over two decades of experience as a coach, behavioral scientist, entrepreneur, human behavior analyst, and working in a variety of industries affords Diane a perspective for business, building teams, changing cultures, and human development that is rare in the coaching field.

In a former life, Diane was an actress and model. She appeared in a movie and in numerous commercials and did a national spot for Delta airlines. She also did voice overs, print and runway modeling. At one time she was “Daffey Diane,” (some say she still is!), a magic clown. She also performed magic as herself winning Magician of the Year for Greater Atlanta.Diane is also the host of Business Notes a Vlog where she helps entrepreneurs promote and market their business at no cost to them. 


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HOST: Bonnie Mauldin